Steve’s Update 11/14/2021

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Let’s get to my weekly update! Exhausting few weeks, but I’m still going. Well that and playing Rogue Empire.

The Way With Worlds series: The Man-Made Disasters book is off to the editor. This is a bit of a tight timeline, but I want to get it out in November. Considering the holiday that may or may not happen.

A School of Many Futures: Is out in print. Man, wrestling with alignment is a pain and I gave up once I was tweaking 1/16″ measurements. Now I have to update all my marketing materials, whew . . .

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset” and other Agile books: Won’t start until next year. I hope to have a better idea in December.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I’ve tested my deployments and how they work, and have a much better idea of how things will work, and maybe even ways to create backup and quick test environments. I want to do some mobile testing, then it’s on to conversion . . .

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Steven Savage