Steve’s Update 11/21/2021

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Whew, another busy week. But a lot getting done.

Consider some of these future plans a little tentative. During the Christmas holiday I want to really re-evaluate my plans for the next few years.

The Way With Worlds series: I got the cover done, and now it’s just waiting on my editor. Shout-out to the friend who helped me A/B test the art. You’ll get to see the cover in my newsletter 😉

A School of Many Futures: Marketing is going slow, and I’m really going to hold off until after the holiday.

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset” and other Agile books: Still planning to start these next year.

Other Stuff: I do have two nearly done possible books made from old columns, some quite rewritten, I may want to put out. I’ll evaluate them in December.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I’ve sorted out a few bugs with the deployment, but there is a strange directory issue I want to work out first. As for deployment, I think I have it down to a science, AND I think I sorted out a way to do more effective and safe versioning for easy delivery (and easy reversal). So once I address that odd bug, then it’s time to start converting generators – and then address two remaining pains.

Steven Savage