Steve’s Update 11/7/2021

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Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well. I’m coming back after a busy week.

The Way With Worlds series: The book on Man-Made Disasters is in progress. I expect to get it to the editor sometime this week – a few days behind, but still. Also the feedback coming back suggests that the next “Disaster” book should be on disinformation and propaganda! Which fits . . .

A School of Many Futures: Launched, approved, I just have to get marketing into place! Sorta glad its done, I really pushed myself!

Agile Books (Writing, Success, Others): I’m planning to dive back into Agile theory next year, starting on writing mindset. This one will be ideas and exercises of how to view writing through an Agile lens as noted. But no motion for awhile.

Other Projects: I have two unactioned “compendium” books I need to take a look at to see if they’re worth publishing. They took collected columns and I polished them over time.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I’ve answered most of my technical concerns about deployment and think I’ve figured out how to (carefully) set up smooth transition when it’s ready. Next up are a few more tests, then I start converting the site, finishing up with “trouble” generators. However with the way things are looking, it won’t be to Q1. REALLY should add more generators to the current site . . .

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Steven Savage