Steve’s Update 12/26/2021

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OK the year is ending. Let’s see what’s on tap for 2022!

The Way With Worlds series: The Disaster series will finish up in late Q2/early Q3 with two more books. The third book will be done in Q4. I’m still planning how to convert the covers over and need to get a few things out of the way in Q1.

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset”: I’ll start in March, not February. I’ll be bingewriting it with a goal of getting it out end of Q3. Looking at my workload for the year, I’ve made no plans for other Agile books in 2022 – but I do have a subject picked, though that’ll be more for hardcore Agilists.

Other Books: I’ll be working on the Compendium books (Creativity/Freedom/Politics and Collected Columns) over time. The Creativity/Freedom/Politics will be out Q1/Q2. The collected columns probably Q3. If things move smoothly, they may move up.

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: I’m just converting code over now, so it’s now a big but interesting grind. Now it’s 90% just conversion, with some painful code cleanup.


Steven Savage