In Beta: The Color Generator!

The Color Generator is in Beta and Seventh Sanctum!

This generator makes colors that aren’t or should be, are mysterious or otherworldly.  Inspired by the Neathbow of Fallen London as well as things like Octarine in Discworld, it’s a way to make colors that aren’t your standard spectrum – or lurk in between the colors we know.

A few examples:

  • Anihe – A deep blueish-green. Under light of this color mirrors show falsehoods.
  • Celvoweur – The penultimate orange. Under light of this color people have religious visions.
  • Cong – The purple of the early morning sky.
  • Brot – The green of half-forgotten grasslands.
  • Ilva – The iridescent red of curiosity.
  • Serneo – The green of leaves in legends.
  • Cheppan – The purple of bravery and of the early morning sky that you fear seeing.
  • Thue – A flamboyant orange. Under light of this color wounds heal.
  • Cephutem – The yellow of loyalty and of half-forgotten sunlight.
  • Auguahe – The muted yellow of loyalty.

The generator needs to be expanded – the names and basic shades are mostly done, but the descriptions and symbolism and effects need a lot more work.  So go on, take a look, leave feedback!

  • Steve

Civic Diary 3/8/2017

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Hello everyone, time for another civic update!

What am I up to?  Well less than I’d like due to some craziness (friends in assorted crises).

Helping with a political group’s social media: Still at that, and that one is getting challenging as noted, since there’s so many ways to take it – and ways to do it wrong.  What are the right news sites?  Right groups to post?  It’s quite a lot to learn and I’ve got a meeting on it coming up.

This taught me to be a lot more careful of information sources and to better understand more subtle political landscapes.  Some activist groups are at odds with each other.  People debate over the value of news aggregators.

A big thing I’m finding is social media has truly changed politics – there’s many ways to interacts and it vastly speeds how things move.  It’s also more multiordinal than expected – spread across many media.  Which is important in this charged political environment and our reliance on certain communications.

Lesson: Admit you have a lot to learn as you get civicly involved, and really learn to dig into the news and groups you follow, there’s probably some things you’re missing.

Getting Involved In New/Informal Groups: A lot have sprung up lately and I’m finding there’s something for everyone.  These seem to act as a kind of social nexus for getting people involved, and I think there’s something to that.  People involved in one of these more informal groups are also involved in other social groups – so this acts as a kind of connecting ground.

A lot of this is people taking a stab and doing it – and it seems to work.

Lesson: I think the new informal groups springing up are going to be really important as people are looking for new ways to get involved.  Also some politicians are really underestimating the organizing going on out there.

Getting Into District Flipping: This has gotten really big lately, and it’s important to find districts to flip, districts to maintain – and who you want to primary as they kinda suck at their jobs.  I think we’re going to see a lot of this in 2018.

Lesson: 2018 will be interesting.

Continuing Economic Activism: Calling companies about who they support, etc.  This one I’ve been intermittent on, but I think it’s important to keep at this.  Not boycotts per se (though I’m fine with those) but letting companies know their actions matter.  Believe me, some people listen.

Lesson: Not sure if there’s a lesson, yet, except this has been kinda ramped up to 11.

Regular Representative Contacts: Calling my reps all the time on issues.  They do listen, believe me (and one office has people who know me).  This also means follow your reps on issues – because you may be surprised.  Without naming names, one of my congresspeople had disappointed me – then pulled off an amazing town hall where it seems I’d sort of misunderstood their strategy.

What I do as noted is set up a Google alert to see who to call my state or federal reps on.  If you’re not sure what to annoy them on, let me recommend – plus I find the more informal groups often have great advice.

Lesson: Keep doing this.  Daily.

I admit I’ve not done as much as I’d like.  I’ve got a civic guide I’ve worked on I need to return to, I’ve not been able to make my city council meetings that I wanted, I want to do more with  But if you stay active you’ll do something.

One thing I find myself thinking over is that those everyday things we do to keep society running matter a lot.  Help a friend out with their needs.  Give someone a ride.  That stuff is more valuable than we realize.  I’ve had friends go through some awful crises and the fact people helped them, even a bit, made a difference.

– Steve

Steve’s Baked Falafel Recipe

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Been awhile since I posted on cooking and I want to get back into the groove!

OK I love good falafel, but I’m not big on the whole “fried” thing – both for health, the effort that takes, and because often it’s overdone and you end up with carbon lumps. So I did some research, tweaked a bit, and came up with these – baked falafel!

They’re mild – if you want to jack them up try to double the lemon juice and/or salt.  You may also want to add some sesame seeds if you like those.

As for serving, I like them by hand, but they’re also great stuffed in a pita.  You can freeze them pretty easily – just let them cook first.

The secret, by the way, is the chickpea flour (as a binder) and hand-shaping them to be flat so they cook right.

Makes about  18-22 patties, or 4-5 meal servings.


  • 2 14.5 oz cans of cooked chickpeas (about 6-7 cups)
  • 1 tbsp crushed garlic (about 3 cloves)
  • 2 Tbsp dried parsley
  • 2 Tbsp dried cilantro or chives
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 2 tsp ground coriander
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp baking powder
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • ¼ cup chickpea flour
  1. Preheat oven to 420.  Place baking paper on a cookie tray (you can also use some oil but it kind of defeats the purpose)
  2. Mix everything but the lemon juice and chickpea flour in a large bowl.
  3. Add lemon juice.
  4. Mash the mixture until chickpeas are mostly broken up and it’s a bit like a dough.
  5. Stir in chickpea flour until it’s blended into the “dough”
  6. Using your hand take a scoop of dough, about 2 tbsp at a time, form into patties, place on cookie tray. Make sure they’re flattened so they cook well.
  7. Cook for 25 minutes.  Patties will brown a bit on the top and be solid.
  8. Flip patties over and cook another 25 minutes.
  9. Remove and serve.


– Steve

Latest Generator: Colors!

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Here’s some samples from the latest generator. It generates colors, inspired by the Neathbow from Sunless Sea/Fallen London –

I loved the idea of creating new colors, so here we go! It’s probably about 25%-33% done at this time – there’s a nice amount of detail, but far more coming.

So tell me what you think!

  • Moten – The mellow orange of joy.
  • Lebode – The purple of the evening sky in your memories.
  • Elde – The blue of shallow water that you fear seeing.
  • Cesque – An iridescent green. Under light of this color plants grow.
  • Khuppen – The one true green.
  • Bitohoem – A deep greenish-yellow. Those that see this color have glimpses of the future.
  • Cerate – The yellow of sunlight falling on the incurious. Under light of this color plants grow.

– Steve

Way With Worlds 2 – Looking For Reviewers!

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OK everyone, Way With Worlds Book 2 review copies are ready!  So if you want to review contact me and let me know about your interest, if you have a blog, where you can review (amazon is appreciated), etc.!

Right now it’s looking like it’ll be out the very end of March or early April.

– Steve

Creativity And Rebellion

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A simple work of fiction with a different hero or heroine can inspire legions of people to realize they can change the world.  A few dull economic statistics, presented in a new format, can reveal powerful truths and shake a business’. An eloquent speech creates an uprising that brings down a dictator. Creativity breaks us out of traps of ruts and changes the world; Creativity is rebellion.

All creativity is rebellion.  Creativity challenges and makes things anew – it is different, if only minutely, from what is known, a rebellion against what is.  Because creativity is change from the known, that is why it has such an impact.  It’s why we are enthralled by some new thing; creativity lets you see the world differently, experience possibilities that are new, think that which you never thought.

Every creative act is a bit of rebellion – perhaps a friendly one – but a rebellion nonetheless.  The power of creativity is not just in its differences, however, but because creativity is about connection.

Creativity is connection.  Even if it shocks or is unexpected, creativity relies on known ideas for context and meaning, much as a book relies on known words, or a tale shocks as it is different than familiar ones.  Creativity is a change grounded in known reality, with other concepts and ideas as signposts and guides to its meaning.

This is why Creativity shocks and delights – it is new yet is relatable.  The newness becomes part of the familiar.

Creativity builds new connections.  The creative is the idea seen in a new light, the religion reformed, a mirror-image of an old story.  It is accessible, but because it lets one see things differently, it creates whole new ways to understand the world.  New connections between ideas, new associations among people, new feelings occur when we’re exposed to the creative.

Creativity draws people deeper into the world with what it shows us. These new connections can make a new, creative idea even more true than past truths.  Because it connects to the known, yet looks at things differently, it creates a powerful web of understanding.  Truth is based on how ideas align together, and a creative thought or work can align powerfully, moreso than old, worn-out, smaller truths.

Creativity lasts. Because it is so connected yet new, creativity creates powerful changes, and these changes echo throughout time. The most powerful creative acts start with the known, introduce the new, and provide seed and soil for even greater connections and associations.

A rebel is a truly creative person, and rightly feared as the dictator and despot never know what they may do or where they’re coming from.  For all they know, the creative person has planted seeds unseen, maybe in the heads of those that hate them and would control them.  For all they know people are thinking in new ways, ways they can’t control.

To keep creating is to keep rebelling.

– Steve

Steve’s Update 2-21-2017

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Yes, another update.  I am on a roll!  For now.  We know how that goes.

  • So first, comments are back at Seventh Sanctum.  I had to take them down due to some bizarre issues where they seemed to be messing with some formatting.  Or search results.  Or something.  It got a bit strange.  I think I figured it out but am not entirely sure.  Anyway they’re back!
  • The Way With Worlds Book 2 gets formatted this weekend.  If all goes well, it’ll be enough to do a test print.  I’m hopeful I can get it all together – I’d still like to get it out end of March, but early April is looking more likely.
  • Those Way With Worlds are in the works – book four in fact of six I plan to write.
  • The new generator is still in progress.  I’ve got a bit more on my plate then expected but hope to finish it up before end of March.
  • I also have been enjoying A House Of Many Doors, a literary exploration RPG that you really need to check out.

Also no new illnesses.  Well, on my part, but considering the rain here and all the diseases still flying around I kinda want to hide for awhile!

– Steve

Steve’s Update 2/16/2017

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Well this has been awhile.  It’s been  crazy time with illness, changing to a new contract, roommate starting a new job, social events, more illness, and general chaos.  Honestly, I feel like I need to take some time off.

So I just sent out a newsletter update, but let’s cover where I am right now

  • The Way With Worlds Book 2 is in final edits.  If all goes well I format and run a first print next weekend.  If not . . . uh well it doesn’t happen.  I think it’ll be out end of March or early April with no other interruptions.
  • Those Way With Worlds Minibooks are coming out great!  I’m working on the fourth (yes, they’re small and I’ve been doing them for awhile).  I think you’ll enjoy them.
  • There’s a new generator in the works, inspired by my gamecrush Failbetter games. Oh and go back their now project, Sunless Skies!
  • I’m trying to write more than just updates and books, and hoping the lack of illness will make that easier.
  • I and my roommate have become addicted to RWBY.

That’s it for me.  Just letting you know I’m still working away here to make your life geekier, professional, creative, and interesting.  As long as I stop catching colds from other people.

– Steve

Civic Diary 2/13/2017

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Still haven’t stopped these, though man they need to be more commonly updated.  I got hit with some nasty illness (we have multiple colds here) and apparently got sick twice.  So the last few weeks weren’t fun.

Political Groups And Activist Groups

I’m now helping with social media for a political group in the area – it’s a sort of “test” ground for me and my other ideas, because . . .

Don’t think you can just go to an activist group and say “give me something.”  A lot of them have hierarchies, legal requirements, etc. you have to follow.  I learned that the hard way, so now I’m working my way up.  Still I get to do some good and am going to use this to introduce a few new ideas and cool things.

The great part of being part of an established group is reach.  Nothing like being able to do something to affect a few hundred to a few thousand people.

I’m looking into involvement with my city and possible a few other groups.  I think all you can really do is just keep trying them out until something clicks for you.

TAKEAWAY: Pick at least one activist group to join, but remember it may take time to get a position.  Help anyway.

Do It Yourself

So one of my acquaintances up and created a political group for friends on Facebook where we coordinate.  Might want to give that a go too!

TAKEAWAY: Try a social media group for friends and politics.

Regular Activity

To help me out I’m doing the following

  1. I have a Google Alert for all representatives on the state and federal level, so once a day find out what they’re up to.
  2. I keep my usual news feeds.
  3. Out of that I find what I want to call them on – usually daily or every other day to tell them what they did right and wrong and make specific demands.
  4. This helps you keep up on local information anyway – I’ve had a few surprises, most of them pleasant.

How’s it working?  Not entirely sure as I’m one person, and there’s many voices, but my Congressman’s office now calls me by name when I call before I speak.  So I’m making an impression.

I’ve also decided that is worth following and am calling companies carrying Trump merchandise.  Very inappropriate and an area of ethical concern – especially as of late.

TAKEAWAY: Set up news/alert feeds to tell you who/what to call on each day.


I’ve been updating my civic guide and do need to post it now that I no longer feel terrible.  It’s been pretty helpful!

That’s what I’m up to.  What about you?

– Steve

RWBY And The Question

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“Whats your favorite Fairy Tale?”

That’s a loaded question in RWBY, the CGI-anime that captured many hearts and deservedly so.  It’s about a world where fairy tales may inspire, but also conceal and reveal other truths. There’s ancient powers and horrible things hiding in the shadows of the world of RWBY, and not everyone has a happy ending coming.

For us though, we’re pretty sure our fairy tales are just that – tales.  There’s no hidden magic or secret orders to save us.  There’s no grand plan.

This can make us lose hope.  We want it to mean something.  We want a pattern.  We want to know we can fix it.  We want the heroes and heroines to come save us.

There’s no well-crafted tale.  We’re on our own here, in the dark, with the monsters closing in.

So what good are fairy tales?  What good are stories?  What good are our books and comics and legends when the light goes dim in the world?

There’s an answer, and that answer is really about questions because you have the answers.

Why did they appeal to you?

How did they inspire you?

What did they teach you?

If there’s no heroes and heroines then it’s time for us to look to their stories and make them real.  If there’s no Happy Ending guaranteed, then we make the best ending we can.

So there, in the dark, let me reach out to you with one more question.

“Whats your favorite Fairy Tale?”

– Steve