Presentation Materials

If you can’t make my presentations – or you’ve find I’ve discontinued one you liked, you can probably find it here!

Asian Cooking Hacks – Cooking hacks derived from various Asian cuisines.

Bias In Silicon Valley – A short examination of the realities of bias in hiring and employment in Silicon Valley.

Civic Geek – How to be a more engaged, civic-minded geek- by leveraging being a geek! Based on my research for my website project at, it also became a free book.

Creativity And Project Management – The role of creativity in Project Management Careers. Presented at two different PMI events. This also uses the theories that are part of my book The Power Of Creative Paths.

Epic Resume Go! – Straight from the book, it’s my “Epic Resume” philosophy presented to help people build better resumes.

Fan To Pro – The panel that never stops – my discussion of how to use hobbies in your career. For a deeper examination, check out the Fan To Pro book.

Geeky Productivity – Ways to be more productive, especially for we active geek types. Also ties into my personal agile practices – and you can get a FREE book about that!

Integral Reporting – My theories on business reporting (honestly, more exciting than it sounds).

Japanese Curry – My panel on making Japanese Curry – with historical tidbits and several recipes!

Quest For Employment – A look at the ‘director’s cut’ of the job search – the things beyond the basics. Based on the book of the same name.

Why You Don’t Have Your Dream Job – A panel so depressing I retired it at least temporarily, this is my examination of why you don’t have your dream job. About as depressing as it sounds.