Remembering the World is Alive Matters

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It’s easy to get depressed at the state of the world for many reasons. There’s a cloud that passes over us that makes everything look mechanical, inevitably clicking towards doomsday. When the world is a machine, we see no hope to survive the crises we face.

But then, when we get creative, making art or writing, the world becomes different. We see there are many possible futures. We see solutions to problems. The world has options, it’s organic, it’s alive – and the future can be shaped.

Something about creativity wakes us up, so we see the world more as the complex, many-faceted thing it is. It’s not just that we can imagine solutions; we’re operating differently. You can’t create mechanically, and creativity can also snap you out of mechanical thinking.

Of course, we might look at this rush and then ask “wait, can my creative abilities change the world?”  It doesn’t matter – the state does.

This is important to remember – keeping this “organic” state of mind comes from our preferred creative acts. It could be drawing, it could be RPGs, it could be writing. There is no right way to get to this state, just your way.

Keep that mindset of the world being alive and I’m sure you’ll find a way to make a better future.

Steven Savage

The Desire For Exchange

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I’d like to propose something to my fellow writers, creatives, and philosophical types. What if we were to exchange such things as written folios, guides, and musings of our various interests? Imagine exchanging a few thousand words specifically among your fellows for deep contemplation and writing.

This idea struck me for two reasons:

First, in my readings on religion, writing, and so on, I’d often read of people exchanging detailed outlines and folios. These were not things meant for initial public consumption but for private exchange, “beta” readings, and contemplation. They might become more later, but they had an intimacy to them.

Secondly, in an age of blogs, discord chats, and social media, I feel something is missing – longer but private communications. The kind of thing that lacks worries about public appearance but also allows for contemplative thought. It also allows for timeshifting in a busy and chaotic age.

I visualize this as a small, tight group of people exchanging communications in longer form. Such exchanges would gradually form a dialogue about whatever subjects are at hand. People may also participate in multiple related or unrelated groups, further increasing insight. The works exchange may become books, or records, or just sit in email boxes – but it’ll be a deeper exchange of ideas.

I’m going to bounce this off a few people I know and see if they want to try it. Let me know if you give it a shot as well – or want to try it!

Steven Savage

Steve’s Update 10/10/2021

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.)

A School of Many Futures: Second print copy is on the way! I THINK that’ll be the last one. Then my goal will be to line up marketing stuff and go.

“The Agile Writer’s Mindset” and “Agile Success”: Wait, what? Yep, I’ve got thoughts on TWO Agile books to write! These will be on writing (yes), but also philosophy on what success is. The latter may not happen, but I’ve latched onto it and my mind isn’t letting go!

The Way With Worlds series: I’ll be outlining it in the next week or two! Expect me to be back at it in November!

The Seventh Sanctum rewrite: Well that one remaining problem of three? Not solved! But I’ve mostly solved it. At that rate, yeah taking a break to make experimental deploy tests for later, as I need a serious break from generator coding.


Steven Savage