Star Traders: Frontiers – A Game That Works

(This column is posted at and Steve’s Tumblr.  Find out more at my newsletter.) I know I rarely plug things here unless they’re cool – and because I’ve been playing an incredibly cool game, it’s time to not just plug … Continue reading

Fallen London: Why It Works

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr) I found Failbetter Games browser-based adventure game Fallen London via it’s Kickstarted sister game, Sunless Sea, a kind of nautical rogue like of comedy-horror-adventure. I quickly took to Fallen London’s playable-novel … Continue reading

Why ‘No Man’s Sky’ Can And Should Only Be So Deep

(This column is posted at,, and Steve’s Tumblr) I’m looking forward to No Man’s Sky – which is apparent if you see my Twitter, Facebook, blogs, or just talk to me. The procedural space adventure fascinates me as … Continue reading