Current Projects:

  • A School of Many Futures (Fiction, eBook Sept 2021, Print Sept-Oct 2021) – Sequel to A Bridge To The Quiet Planet.  Secrets are hard to keep, and the competent but overconfident cast of the first book try to remain out of sight on a teaching assignment.  A shame they’ve chosen something so normal, it’s anything but . . .
  • Seventh Sanctum Rewrite – (EOY 2021/Q1 2022) Migration of Seventh Sanctum to an updated codebase.  Possible new features.

Upcoming Projects

  • Worldbuilding booksDisasters (Non-Fiction, two books in 2021, one in 2022 ) – This three part series covers disasters. Natural Disasters is out, Man-Made Disasters should be November 2021, and Disasters and Catastrophes in will be in 2022. Prepare to think about everything from Erosion to Chemical Spills.
  • “Writer’s Agile Mindset” (TBD) – Starting work fall of 2021, this will be an idea of using Agile to change how you think about writing.

Potential Projects:

  • Worldbuilding Books – I’ll be adding about 3-4 books to the Way With Worlds Series a year for the forseeable future.
  • Untitled book on creativity and freedom – (TBD) Based on my writings on creativity’s role in freedom, I’m working to “bookify” it properly. It’s done, but not ready.
  • Untitled book rounding up writing columns – (TBD) A collection of columns on writing advice edited and expanded. It’s compiled but not edited.
  • Fiction Project – I have several possible ideas and am working to streamline my process.
  • Chances Muse Sequel (TBD, 2022-2023) -A sequel to Chance’s Muse focusing on specifics.



  • August
  • September
    • A School of Many Futures (ebook, maybe Print)
  • October
    • A School of Many Futures (Print)
  • November
    • (Tentative) Worldbook on Man Made Disasters
  • December
    • (Tentative) Seventh Sanctum deployment


  • Q1
    • (Tentative) Seventh Sanctum deployment
    • Worldbuilding book on Disasters, general.
  • Q2
  • Q3
    • Worldbuilding book.
  • Q4
    • Worldbuilding book.