Here’s what some people are saying about my work . . .

Speaking . . .

“Steve is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker who doesn’t talk down to his audience and is always ready for a new opportunity.”

Hank Wong, Chairman of AODSF

Coaching . . .

“Steven would be an amazing asset to anyone who needs assistance with their career goals!! He helped me navigate through a ton of information by making the process seem simple and understandable. He is incredibly patient and creative as well. I am very grateful to have Steven as my “go to” guy for my coaching needs!”

– Agelica D., Graduate Student

My Work . . .

“Steven’s diligence to detail and promoting positivity through education and creativity is amazing. I look forward to all his books and all his speeches that he gives to learn as much as I can about all things professional and trending in the Professional Geek community.”

Venus DeCoy

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