I’m Steven Savage, a writer, speaker, and expert in productivity.  So what do I do?  My goal is to help you find your creative spark, find the job you want, and get things done faster!  I’m a natural organizer and natural coach, meaning I’m fortunate enough my hobby and my career are often the same thing.

Here’s what I cover:

  • Worldbuilding.  My goal is to help people craft believable, rich, fictional worlds.  I want people to explore and think about what they create.
  • Creativity and how we enhance it.  How can we brainstorm, shift gears, use procedural ideas, and more!
  • Careers.  How can we find the right jobs, find new jobs, and make a living in a rapidly changing world?
  • Culture and fiction.  I’ve both written on pop culture, and have my own unique novels, the Avenoth series.
  • Agile Philosophy and Methodology.  How we can use smart, common-sense techniques base on Agile to be more productive, more creative – and less overloaded.

Drop me a note and let me know how I can help you!

  • Steve

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