This is not exactly a review, but it’s a quick look at .
is a great resource for finding out salaries for different careers, in
specific locations, all for free.  One enters a particular title, a zip
code, and after a few selections (and some ads) you get a nice
mathematical salary breakdown.

I’ve found it very useful and reliable – the numbers provided
usually match up my other research and experience, and the provision of
a ranged breakdown of salaries is very useful.  If you’re going to
negotiate for pay or are recruiting, you’ll want to go to

There are also a variety of other features, mostly ones that cost
money – more comprehensive breakdown, information targeted at
recruiters, and more.  I’m sure these are probably good – the free
portion is very good – but I frankly haven’t had any reason to explore
them at all.

So I can’t call this a full review as I’ve used the site for exactly one
thing.  However, it’s definitely worth your time to take a look at.  If
nothing else, go on and see where your current pay rate stacks up.