Links of the Day, 8/17/2008


Volume 30 of Naruto recently dropped out of the USA Today list of 150 best-selling books in the country after a six-week run on the charts. This kind of success definitely shows how wide distribution has gotten for these titles.

Video Games

Sony is denying rumors of another price cut for the Playstation 3. The company cut the price of the machine about a year ago, which has had a positive effect – it’s closing in on a tie for second place in game console sales with the Xbox 360. (So remember, folks, the 360 is a very viable option when programming cross-platform!)


Good news for developers of mobile phone apps: Sun has open-sourced its Java UI toolkit, which includes a full set of “ready-made graphical components”, along with support for fonts, themes, animation and transition effects, according to the company.

The number of people using Google is up slightly this summer, while the number of people using Microsoft’s sites is down a bit. (Keeping things interesting to draw eyes to your site is vital no matter how big you are!)

As if we needed more proof that today’s YouTubers could be tomorrow’s network employees, NBC is reporting more than 31 million video streams of its Olympic content have been accessed from its Web site.