Links of the Day, 11/12/08


Geneon, which closed its U.S. division earlier this year, has been sold to Universal Pictures Japan. Will this mean a revival of the label on this side of the Pacific? Stay tuned!

Video Games

Is the iPhone the next hot gaming console? Apple VP Greg Joswiak is promising that future iPhones and iPods will have better gaming software and more games.

A merger between Electronic Arts and Disney, which has been championed by the Wall Street Journal, would be a bad idea, according to Steven Mallas, a financial blogger for Blogging Stocks. He thinks it would open a can of worms ranging from difficulty in integrating the business to abandonment of Disney's own video game efforts (and the latter would definitely be a bad idea if it meant lost jobs!)


Video chat is a technology that is suddenly becoming a hot, competitive arena: Google is launching a Gmail video chat service to go head-to-head with industry segment leader Skype.

USB 3.0 is schedule to be formally unveiled next week. Rumor has it that Windows 7 may not be able to support this new technology natively, so anyone who can figure out how to fix that problem has a career boost on their hands!

Microsoft is said to be close to a search deal with Verizon Wireless for its mobile phones, edging out Google for the honors. The deal is said to be worth more than $500 million.

TypePad parent company Six Apart is laying off eight percent of its work force.Even the very service where this blog resides is subject to tough times nowadays, it seems, but we will carry on undaunted.

– Bonnie