News of the Day 5/2/2009

Why Toronto works for the creative class – I am biased as I go to Toronto a lot, but there are real lessons to be learned here – not just in how to run a city, but what to look for IN a city if you want to relocate.  To be honest the places that have it all are comparatively rare.

Media and Publishing:
More on retaining publishing personnel as curators – A thought for geek careerists – how far can we take the curator concept in the internet age?  With so much to track and sort, even non-publishing industries may need curators of some kinds.  All of you with library degrees may be able to apply yourself in new ways . . .

Is the Disney-Hulu deal bad for YouTube? Possibly – people do want their content control.  A slashdot post and discussion to fuel your speculations.  My take – I actually have a hard time guessing anymore, but i do see specialist communities and groups growing so I'm not sure where general video will go – but YouTube won't go away.

 - Steven "Curator" Savage