News of the Day 5/8/2009

Some great no-nonsense tips from one of my fellow Project Managers on using and the basics of personal branding.


We've got a lot of VC-related news, so I'm bundling it here:


A look at how news writing hasn't changed – and how it may. A bit of a thought-provoker.


Hulu is at it again: this time with international deals. Most interestingly this will help other companies with THEIR global reach. I'm getting ready to christen Hulu a good career choice at this rate – they're very savvy and doing well. The question is not will they be in front, but how long they'll stay and how competitors will adjust. (And as a side note, what will happen with Youtube . . .)

Social Media:

Companies piggybacking onto Twitter – They just keep growing. Useful to be aware of for personal use, and career-wise . . . well, you take your chances. Again as I've said Twitter will survive in some form, but I confess that with so many Twitter-riders a good chunk of them probably won't make it.

Video Games:

Guitar Hero's overall franchise has netted $2 billion. Activision makes more money. So let's face it . . . you know where to send your resume. Also considering the nature of the game, I figure this milestone means more like it (participatory media tie-ins) are on the way.

Everything old is new again? Pokemon Gold and Silver being remade for DS. Of course remaking old games is de rigeur now (Dragon Quest anyone?). I find it noteworthy as its a big franchise, and the remake trend is one worth following (thought for careerists – remakes may be a good starting point).

-Steven Savage