News of the Day 6/30/2009

Use Venture Capital websites to direct your jobsearch? An interesting suggestion from Jason Alba. I'd also note that places like,, etc. can help.

Things may be tough economically – considered an apprenticeship?

Networking is still the way to go for job searches – So says Dan Schawbel's latest research. Odd note here – craigslist also stands out. Worth a good read.

Home prices still falling – and should for awhile – As long as this is occurring, it's going to have an impact, even once the worst is over, we can probably expect a continuing decline – and it's effects on the economy. Put it simply, I wouldn't want to be in real estate or home construction for the next three years – and all of us will feel it.

And a dose of Freakonomics: Companies have gained in productivity over the years, but squandered gains competing. Companies in short need to radically rethinkin their approaches in a changed world. This comes from an interesting study I'm going to need to read – more here.

Second Evangelion remake film does huge in Japan – even better than the first. Wondering if it'll get brought over to NA and what the imapct will be – considering I STILL see NGE merchandise everywhere, I imagine there's a market for it. Could provide a minor stimulus to the anime market over here.

Adobe is shutting down North American operations for a week and will probably do this again in the future. That's a big ouch there, and a bit surprising considering how well I'd EXPECT them to be doing. Considering their marketshare in many spaces I'm wondering why they deem this neccessary, and want to know more. For those of you sending resumes, I'd remove Adobe from any of your top-tier companies to work for until we have a better idea of what's going on.

iPhone/Kindle/Netbook replacement/envy alert: Dell is working on a portable web device. This is big as Dell has reach and momentum and a reasonable reputation. It sounds like the gizmo is a simple portable browser – running Fan To Pro Crush OS Android. Pricing could be a pain to compete with the iPhone line, but Android makes it cheaper, and I can EASILY see this also being a Kindle-competitor (or running it . . .). This could also herald something between Smartphones and Netbooks. Keep an eye out.

Sony jumps into the licensed product market for peripherals – for the Playstation products. Nothing may come of this, but it gives them a chance to leverage other companies ideas to get more things to do WITH their systems (and the PS2? Still?). With the idea of the Sony Phone or PSP phone, the Go being open to non-game apps, it seems they're trying to throw their market wide open and tell developers "go for it." More barreling through and throw-it-all against the wall strategy, but then again that may just work for them – and it may unsettle potential rivals. There's also a prediction Sony will displace Microsoft in the console wars in 2015, but that's so far away I consider the prediction laughable.

Joost is cutting staff and re-inventing itself as a kind of technology/portal/provider
in what sounds like a move to eventually be a technical platform and
probably a sale. May I suggest NOT sending them a resume in the near

Hulu owns 10% of the online video ad market
– which is impressive, but not so much in the scheme of all video/TV ad
sales. It's not going to replace the losses of TV ads that's for sure.
Hulu isn't beating the big boys, but that's a respectable chunk of

Video Games:
X-box adding rich media, Silverlight ads to X-box – Not sure how well this will go over (and I have my doubts on Silverlight). X-Box seems to be doing well, but going WAY over-commercial very fast. That's a potential disadvantage depending on how they handle it.

Used game sales number 100 million annually in the US and apparently has little to no negative impact on new game sales (and may assist it). Though I expect DLC will kill off used game sales, it's interesting to note the DLC change could bollix up marketing, impulse buys,etc.

Now-purchased ID is gearing up for a new project – Not sure they have the same celebrety glow about them, but I wouldn't mind seeing more Hexen (a very underrated series of fantasy actioners). Maybe they can buy the rights to Duke Nukem Forver and achieve a near-undreamed of burst of free marketing? I am NOT joking here . . . anyway, keep an eye on this, see how their brand helps or hurts them.

– Steven Savage