News of the Day 7/10/2009

The importance of a Job Search Plan – A great article, reminicent of the Pierson method (a book about that method will be reviewed next week).

Tips for managing your online reputation – Very important, moreso for active fans who have profiles, activities, etc. scattered among sites.

The big threat to the global economy is . . .infrsastructure gridlock? So says George Stalk, Jr.. Full article requires login but the gist is that what is being transported is growing faster than the transportation infrastructure – and that is likely to have an enormous impact on economies. I can also see such things encouraging more local production and growth, but that's a tetchy short-term thing. I also would speculate that with infrastructure problems, how much can be delivered electronically, and will infrastructure issues be even more of an economic pressure on media and such moving to electronic distribution?

We often talk about here, but don't forget big-boy Hulu has anime too and it seems to be doing well for them.

Social Media:
How social media is transofming business – A general good read for all involved in business and social media.

A bit more Chrome OS news. Big bit is the idea Chrome and Android share common ground and may get 'closer.' Pretty much I figure Android will be "Chrome CE" at some point. Also Google approached Microsoft on putting its Browser on Chrome (which would mean a Linux-based IE). There's also a bit of an idea of what Microsoft is saying publically here – be sure to read the comments.

And since you can't get enough Chrome, there's a roundup and analysis here that takes its time and has some good insights. What stands out the most for me is that Chrome gives Google the chance to not ape windows, but to redefine the user experience. Check out his whole blog.

Video Games:
Fan To Pro Crush Object Emergent Game Technologies just got a $14.4 million dollar investment. There's not much more I can say about Emergent I haven't said before, and I expect name recognition will carry them further. I am wondering if they're like Crunchyroll – did the hit so hard and fast they've stunned potential competition? Also take note, potential employees, of their different locations.

Age of Conan turning around – I can't say for sure but they're not giving up, and Funcom is doing a re-evaluation campaign. This is one to watch to see how it goes, as it could provide ideas and insights on salvaging a problematic launch and engaging clients.

A look at Facebook's future in gaming – Please note, the Platform manager for Facebook has a background IN gaming, which should tell you a lot. There's a lot of talk about the X-box, the possibility of a Facebook-based MMO, Very savvy Platform Manager, pay attention to this.

For you game programmers, a look at an unusual and clever Wii control scheme for a flying game that makes sense if you think about it.

– Steven Savage