News of the Day 7/1/2009

Was the US debt problem caused by trying to keep up with the effects of wealth concentration?  An analysis of a much headier read.  If the author's information bears out, some social shifts will be needed.

Crunchyroll gets yet another simulcast.  We haven't had any Crunchynews, and they just keep going – and no rivals so far.  I'm wondering when even more VC gets poured into them because they know what they're doing.  I saw this as a user.

Ganett lays off 1400 people – 3% of their workforce.  It's been relatively stable on the news/publishing scene lately, so not sure if this means a new wave or if it's an isolated incident.

Social Media:
A look at how social media maps to communications.  A heady read.  Take it slow, but it makes some good points.

Facebook makes some changes to privacy and settings – and some twitterlike additions.  Facebook seems to be continually evolving, and this appears to be done to make communication – and indexing – easier.  Note that with vanity URLs, etc. Facebook seems more than glad to take cues from other social media, which may explain their success – but also suggests what is the norm in social media . . .

In two years iPhone startups have gotten $100 million from Investors.  Exciting, but remember some of this is probably only a few million for some companies.

SyFy may remake the Alien Nation TV series.  I was a fan of the series before the movies, very well acted and well done.  A remake makes me wonder what else is being considered for remake on the smallscreen – or the internet.  Even more remakes on the way since they're safe?  Is that good or bad for media careers?

Hulu is working on it's UK launch.  They'll be even more relevant when they get this – so where's the inevitable rival?  Their competition seems to not be doing too hot.  Now where will their jobs be . . .

As Hulu marches on, here's a great analysis of what went wrong with Joost.  A great acutionary tale.

– Steven Savage