News of the Day 7/17/2009

There's a lot going around with the posting of internal twitter docs – I'll recommend the cloud from Techmeme here because it's hard to sort through a lot of this. To boot, there's now some kind of conflict going on over if Twitter approved any news outlets to discuss this, if some companies are suppressing information, etc. It's a mess.

Read it if you want, I am going to say that when this info leaked from Twitter is forgotten, how this was handled is going to live on.

I confess I have read up on it out of curiosity. Most of what got leaked frankly doesn't sound surprising or unexpected. I do get the impression Twitter isn't really sure what to do and may not know a good solution if it comes up – their goal seems to be becoming indispensable first. I'd say any endgame coming is going to surprise us AND them.

A geography of American innovation – In short, it's become more concentrated. Besides being thought for relocations, the later quote on how the US focuses on new ideas as opposed to improving implementation is telling – as a shift like that may be needed in the future.

Rock Band Network is coming. In short, post your music for download (even at a price) to Rock band games. The model uses things we've seen before in a new way – let's watch this one,it promises to tell us a lot about synergies, and of course they will need employees if it's a hit . . .

Some very odd ideas of Google profiting from the Chrome OS and apps. Apparently from Eric Schmidt himself. Some of this feels like ill-thought out or not-fully-thought out ideas. Chrome OS is worth watching – and learning – but it sounds like Google tipped their hands very early on this when it wasn't fully planned.

Amazon deletes books from people's Kindles due to publisher request. Yeah. I'm not going to be getting a Kindle now.

Video Games:
Videogame sales take a big drop in June – Which is not surprising to me as there seem to be a gap in titles. Industry-wise I'm not sure how significant this can be – it can be a glitch, part of other trends, etc. Considering the long-term nature of game design planning it's also a difficult call. Watch and wait . . .

Warner Brothers pays $49 million for Midway games, job cuts – So what's next? If WB is smart (and they usually are), they'll exploit the heck out of all the titles they acquired (just think of the backlog). Watch for this one to see what happens.

– Steven Savage