Review: Punk Rock HR


PROS: A snarky, intelligent look inside human resources specifically – and the world of hiring and HR in general

CONS: Focus is on HR and may not be for everyone.  Blog is also personal and is not always about HR/career issues in a few cases.

SUMMARY: An attitude-laden, heartfelt blog on HR, hiring, and corporate behavior with personal insights on other areas. Great for HR professionals, good for people who are career-minded because you'll learn a lot.  Worth visiting to see if it'll help your job search/career needs.

I had heard of Punk Rock HR before on a few blogs, but not being in HR, and being a tech wonk, I hadn't really read it.  Finally, when I got directed there by another blog, I decided to take a look, and found enough insights that I felt a review was in order.

PRHR is a blog by an actual HR professional whose been in the biz a few years, Laurie Ruettiman.  Laurie's well-accredited, involved in her profession, and largely uninterested in B.S. except as something to analyze so you can stop it. Think of her as a very humane person uninterested in stupid stuff and seriously passionate about HR.

PRHR has observations on, obviously, Human Resources, the job market as a whole, and corporate/company culture.  Stories can leap from Brett Favre to Starbucks, from an HR professionals convention to demotivational humor.  It's a wide range of subjects, quite a grab-bag.  You'll probably find at least a few posts that surprise you on their subject matter – and what you didn't know or think of.

Where PRHR is useful to the progeek set is the diverse subject matter and the refreshing amount of BS-trashing.  Those of us in geeky professions such as IT and media, are often aware of the insanity of the hiring and HR processes, and Laurie tears into them.  She also is happy to delve into popular culture, strange things, and get chatty in between her HR discussions, adding a relaxed, personal touch.

To see an example of her insights, check out her analysis of Careerbuilder and

So I put this into the "check it out" category for us progeeks.  Depending on your position and job, you may or may not have a strong interest in the HR and job search insights she provides, but it's worth checking out.

– Steven Savage