News of the Day 8/26/2009

Are 'Best place to work' articles pointless? The author thinks so and makes some good points. I always find the best way to know a company is to listen to everyone and talk toe mployees, though some profiles are useful.

The FDIC is running out of cash – Which means someone will have to pony up for it – which means more debt (or more taxes, if not right away).

Apple appears to be entering the Chinese phone market – More Everything Wars to follow. Thought for those of you in technology and media – how much of the battleground could shift or expand to China among the various Everything War companies (Microsoft, Google, Apple) and others?

Fan-to-pro crush object Asus is aiming for it's own e-book reader this Christmas. I can't say I'm interested in one from anyone, but Asus does quality product, so I have high hopes for them. Remember as we mentionedin the past that hardware companies have an easier time in a competitive market than software? Keep that in mind for e-book readers as well – though this is also good news for authors as it increases options for people to purchase e-readers.

Social Media:
Ways to leverage Twitter for hiring – For those of you doing hiring. May be useful for those of you doing searching for a job as well.

Snow Leopard review – Sounds like modest improvements. It doesn't seem like much of an upgrade, really, but except for the app issues it seems solid. I'm thinking Apple did it to maintain awareness more than anything else.

Video Games:
Zynga's Farmville is the fastest growing social game so far – At 11 million players. Zynga continues it's roll, as does social gaming. Also remember Zynga IS hiring . . .

Uh-oh, more cuts in gaming. Raven software had cuts, possibly due to the lackluster performence of WOlfenstein, and EA had cuts at Maxis.

How games are changing – because of the environment they're made in – He sees a lot of changing,including more people doing changes, broader definition of what games are, and changes for big studios. A good read, gives you something to think of. Most interesting to me is the idea that "game development" is something more and more companies will do even with no previous foundation.

– Steven Savage