News of the day 8/31/2009

It's all over, if you haven't heard it you haven't been watching, and YES, we'll be discussing it this weekend:  Disney bought Marvel entertainment lock stock and barrel for 4 billion.  I'm going to need to process this one for awhile, but this is an epic, seismic change in the geekonomy.  It looks like they'll just let game contracts go on and see what happens when they expire.  We'll be analyzing on this and discussing it as more news comes.  A few speculations are here.  Doesn't seem to be affecting the Paramount deals for the films.

One thing I'd look out for?  Power Pack adapted quickly.

OK, and now onward . . .

5 Common Mistakes made by first time job searchers.  A few things even experienced job seekers do are here, so give it a read.

Japan's dominant political party for decades is OUT big-time.  This is a big shift in a country that, despite troubles, is still big in the global economy – and the center or a major part of many geekonomic industries.  Keep an eye on this one.

Anime and Manga:
Kodansha let's its licenses with Tokyopop lapse.  Considering their Ameircan presence I figure they want to do these themselves.  Let's see.

An analyst thinks the iPhone is fine – but AT&T may not be.  Has some good points.  A good read if you're following mobile issues.  I still wonder what's up with Apple, but this makes me more confident.

Social Media:
Wikipedia to use trust-coded colors to indicate reliability
Interesting as it's Wiki – but also as trust and reliability/reputation
systems seem to be slowly increasing in use in social media.  This
could be a big accelerator to the trend – which would affect
expectations of other social media, the use of them, etc.

Google's Chrome Browser will be on some Vaio's.  So first of all, this is a good deal, and a lot of the Vaio's are sweet systems, good move.  Secondly, now Sony is happily supporting Google – a bit of the Everything wars here.  Let's see who else jumps on the Chrome Browser (and OS) wagon, but I'd say this is a shot across Microsoft's bow, and a further reason for tech types to keep up on Google tech.

– Steven Savage