The Future of Fannish Jobs: Regional Niches?

It's pretty obvious I'm a fan of Crunchyroll.  I watch anime using them (including the oddly steampunk-occult-heroine-and-tons-of-handsome-heroes show Neo Angelique Abyss).  I'm a fan of how they've grown.  I'm a fan of how they've managed to find a niche market for anime, and asian shows.

They also got me thinking about the future of some industries.

Crunchyroll focuses on properties from the Asian area, building on Japanese Anime, but adding live action shows, gameshows, from various countries.  They've built on their market and interests, but only expanded within a defined geographic region.

I think they're onto something.

Focusing on a properly-sized niche, business-wise, is a good strategy for many companies large and small.  One can get to know that niche very well, build strong relations, and avoid distractions (including focusing too large).  We see some trends in nicheing news, and Crunchyroll has its regional niche.

So I've begun wondering if cultural/geographic niches are areas for other companies to look at.  Could there be a Crunchyroll for parts of Europe?  Parts of the Middle East?  What of things like cuisine, history, literature, memorability?  What can you specialize in regionally for your fannish business?  What geographical opportunities are out there?

I confess to not being entirely sure where I'm going with this except to speculate that this kind of regional specialization may have a yet un-appreciated future – and that you should be keeping it in mind.

– Steven Savage