A look at Queen City Kamikaze

Part of my continuing series on ways to add more fan-to-pro content at conventions.  The roundup is here.

I made the acquaintance of the head of Queen City Kamikaze, a new anime-and-more convention in New Hampshire, while doing my usual convention research.  Set at a local high school (easy space, easy promotion), it's a new convention that promises to have a lot of fan-to-pro content, so I want to spotlight it.

What's up for QCK?

First, bringing in local talent to speak on career and related subjects.  The focus at QCK is to make sure that local people are there to produce more community involvement, sense of connection – and of course to give local talent it's due. One of the sponsors is even a local company with a national reach – they do GAMER Soda, and are a small-business success story.

Second, the convention is looking at an actual job fair.  This is a formative idea, but the hope is that local business and representatives may be interested in recruiting and/or speaking on jobs.

Third, art schools and similar local educational institutions are being invited to speak specifically on careers and classes involved.  This is designed to both promote them, and to give people a chance to learn more about career options.

QCK looks like they're mastering the art of recruiting and promoting locally, and getting both businesses, schools, and individuals involved.  The convention happens February 13th, 2010.  They're new.  They've got good ideas.  Go and attend – in fact, as I post this, there's still enough time to sign up and help . .  .

– Steven Savage