News of the Day 9/30/2009

Search that hidden job market – Good advice.

Looks like Japanese industrial production is up – It is still way down. A minor bit of GOOD news coming out of the country – home to so much geeky industry.

An interactive overview of layoffs in the United States

Anime and Manga:
Crunchyroll is at it again, getting a popular flash anime and another simulcast They're a fan-to-pro crush object for a reason – with no sign of slowing down. So come on Crunchyroll, when will you be hiring . . .

Big ouch here. Advertisers may be using online photos in their ads – raising all sorts of issues I'm sure we'll be hearing about. If you work in advertising, take note. If you post a lot of pics online . . . also take note.

Print-on demand gets a publicity boost as E.L. Doctorow christens an Expresso Book Printer at the independent Harvard Book Store. Doctorow carries some public attention, and this is a slick bit of promotion for Expresso's manufacturer. I want to see how much attention this gets the process – and if one can have one's own book printed right there (if nothing else bookstores doing this can double as small-press shops).

Social Media:
Mashable posts it's Social Media Jobs roundup

Zipcar, the car sharing company, has an iPhone App – Zipcar is basically a membership only, take-it-and go car rental club designed to save money and the environment. This is an excellent synergy, and also an example of a good synergy in general. Does your business have anything similar? Do they need an iPhone app?

Video Games:
OnLive, the cloud-based gaming company, has secured a lot of funding from some big names – including AT&T Holdings and Warner Brothers. I'm still iffy on if OnLive can really make this work, but they're certainly getting some strong backing.

– Steven Savage