News of the Day 9/4/2009

Law may not be a geeky profession, but it is one many consider. Here's an article on why being in law school is probably a lousy idea – it costs a lot, opportunities are lessening. Frankly, it seems we've got too many lawyers. A blogger adds some venomously insightful additions here. This isn't a new phenomena – I've been seeing issues of "law overload" happen since the late 80's. I also have known successful lawyers, and I assure you they put in absolutely insane amounts of effort to get where they are.

A clever student uses some art and an unusual public contest to land a job – Very clever, and inspiring.

A great list of brand strategy principles – Good for personal as well as company branding.

Roubini talks, you listen. The 'Doctor Doom' of Economics sees a U-shaped recession likely with the chance of another dip into recession. This is in line with other predictions I've been seeing, the upshot being it's gonna be tough for 3 or so years and we might have a relapse. I myself am pretty much embracing the new normal and staying frugal, working on career I enjoy AND that pays well, and staying informed and nimble.

Anime and Manga:
Crunchyroll teams up with Media International to broadcast Beast Player Erin – Once again, the Crunchyrollers get something cool (I'm intrigued) and get it out with global simulcasts. It's been awhile since I've talked (or drooled) over Crunchyroll, but they're still players – and perhaps moreso with so much of ADV up in the air.

$150 seems to be the magic cost for e-readers to go mass market. Sounds about right to me, intuitiviely – however I'd also note that e-readers working on other devices (iPhones, netbooks, etc.) can change this equation. Still, worth noting – and I feel this is possible. When the prices keep dropping, expect more of a seismic shift.

Twilight embraces the Habbo virtual worlds – Though what a "Jacob's Barn Door" is in the virtual furnishing world I don't know . . . I may not want to. Anyway, for those of you in marketing, I think virtual worlds like Habbo, Gaia, etc. are unavoidable.

Video Games:
The challenges Harmonix faced on the way to making Rock Band – This should be required reading for anyone looking to make games, innovative products, or their own business. An amazing story.

Atari gets snippy with Turbine over their lawsuit – This one has the stench of 'ugly and will not end well' all over it. I'd avoid resumes to Turbine and possibly Atari until this resolves.

BottleRocket Entertainment closes – They weren't a prominent studio, but did some nice work on the "Mark of Kri" series. Sounds like things were nasty with Namco as well.

Star Trek Online goes closed beta – This of course is huge. If ST: Online works it will be a major game, major presence – and lock up a chunk of the potential SF MMO market and spawn imitators. If it doesn't . . . well it could get ugly. So this is a big step, and it means we need to keep watching the game because it will have a big impact either way.

– Steven Savage