Convention Idea – Portfolio Review Plus

My roundup of convention ideas is here.

A big event at many conventions I attend is the portfolio review.  Artists bring their portfolios for professionals to review, get commentary on, etc.  It's a classic part of many anime cons, and a nice way to give people a professional boost.

So why not take it further?

If your convention has portfolio reviews, work on other career kinds of reviews.  It may take more effort, it may have to be limited, but every bit counts – and it helps your professionals and fans form stronger bonds.

A few suggestions:

  • Have a video portfolio review.  This would require initial signup and screening (as well as getting pros willing to sit through, say 10 clips in an hour) but it's possible.  You may need to break it up and limit people's time.
  • Music reviews.  Probably easier than the video review.
  • Have a career review.  This would be tough and have to be limited to highly specific subjects (art careers, programming), but it would work as a panel or roundtable-style discussion.
  • Try one-on-one sessions between selected pros and signed-up attendees (perhaps limited to 5-10 minutes).  These might be public or private.  Some may get the chances by entering into a lottery like situation.

I think the portfolio review idea can be taken farther.

So, which of you out there is going to suggest it for your next convention.

– Steven Savage