DON’T Go Farther: MMOs

So I recently speculated on what MMO's could be made out of existing properties – we're pro geeks after all, we want to speculate – and do – the next big thing.  But it helps at times to know what to do.

So I now want to speculate on media properties that SHOULD NOT have MMOs – some of which have been inspired by conversations.  Think of it as fair warning – and food for thought.

BLEACH: Bleach comes down to, as a friend put it, Punching Ghosts.  The series doesn't have much to work on beyond that premise, and I think its time has come and gone.  Do a Naruto MMO instead.

TORCHWOOD (OR FRINGE, OR WAREHOUSE 13 . . .): These paranormal-investigation series either suffer from mutable continuity or VERY tight continuity with little room for players.  Their settings usually mix low-level and world-threatening stuff that don't play well with getting a sense of the world unless done right.  It's actually hard to do one of these as an MMO without a continuity specifically deisgned for them.

DISCWORLD: You just couldn't.  Discworld is about the author's humor and observations and you don't get that in an MMO.

FMA, mixing magic and science and a world with at least some definitions sounds ideal.  The problem?  Everyone would want to play an Alchemist (who wants to be Regular Guy?), leading you to violate the worldsetting insanely.

Anything you don't want to see be an MMO (and may fear it will be?).

– Steven Savage