News of the Day 10/15/209

Using your LinkedIn Status update effectively – Andy at Career Success shows how this simple update can be very effective.

Housing market still uncertain. Water still wet.

How Prince of Persia was pitched from game to movie – Interesting to see how it was done. Might give you some ideas . . .

Libraries are embracing e-books – Which may be a good sign for e-books in general, but you can bet libraries will want things pretty open. I wonder if they'll become drivers in the technology . . .

Google will open it's own e-book store – To say the least, things just got MORE interesting. Though lacking Print On Demand, and with their other limits, I don't know how much this takes from Amazon. Of course, if Google PARTNERED with a POD service . . .

Social Media:
A look at the X-Box's Social Media tools – Haven't had a chance to try them myself, butinteresting.

Video Games:
Why social gaming is ripe for an acquisition. Some good points here.

Nexon America reports 36% growth – To which I can say A) Wow, B) Send them a resume, C) I need to get my windows partition up to play Dungeon Fighter.

Digital distribution won't affect GameStop until 2017 – Says one expert. We'll see, as this is based on console concepts. Worth reading to know what people are thinking.