News of the Day 10/16/2009

Bank of America having problems – Another big one in trouble. As I've noted – and quoted columns noted even more – we haven't flushed the toxic mess out of the banking system or instituted good regulations. Make sure your bank is stable (for peace of mind) and I don't see any real "green shoots" despite the Dow – too many troubles remain.

Ed harrison rips into the culture of greed and the need for regulation here and here. Interesting from an ethical view but also a Freakonomic view on the odd, and often contradictory things people believe regarding the economy. Read up, it'll make you think and possibly surprise you.

Tech startup execs seem more optimistic – Not sure if its delusion, adaption, or if things have gotten so bad now up is likely. Good news on the job front – and possibly the investment front.

Walmart is competing with Amazon in the online book space with a price war. Interesting to see. That's someone else nipping at Amazon's heels – but also means Walmart might enter some of the other areas (like ebooks) – which of course puts them in competition with very competent companies. More text wars, more everything wars, stay on top of this.

Social Media:
Why companies need to embrace social media and not ban it – and need to 'get it'. Food for thought for your company policy.

How Social Media is changing our daily lives – Not a throwaway article. It's got some food for thought and is good if you're a user or in the business – since the business will be expected to support these changes.

Google says android adoption is about to explode – and pretty much gives away a major motivation – more mobile users means more searches, means more Google. Android seems to be doing well, and with Google's backing, well – it's a factor. Get used to it or even learn it (and I wonder for you develoeprs what tools let you develop/port for both iPhone and Android . . .)

– Steven Savage