Success is Applying Fandom

I talk about applying our fannish and geeky interests to our careers.  This brings up a subject I haven't really discussed:

What is SUCCESSFULLY applying your fandom to your career?

It's one of those things that seems obvious – until you really think of it – so I wanted to classify and clarify what I mean.

What is successfully applying your fandom to your career?  I'd say it's the following:

  • When your fannish interests have a place in your life that you're aware of (it may be only to blow off STEAM due to your career).
  • When your fannish interests provide resources – from knowledge to contacts to more – that you effectively and consciously leverage in your career.
  • When your fannish interests and career are not in conflict but support each other (perhaps at some point they may border on the indistinguishable).

That's successful fan-to-pro to me.  The two support each other and you're aware of how your fandom can be used in the bigger picture (again, if only to relax you).

-Steven Savage