Idea Tithing

Up front disclaimer – this idea I first saw in the book "How to Position yourself As The Obvious Expert" reviewed HERE, originally conceived of by Mark Victor Hansen.

I encountered this idea, as mentioned, in the book mentioned above.  It's one I definitely like and want to get out there – and thus a blog post.

Idea Tithing is a simple concept – share some of your ideas for business, success, etc. with others.

If you're in a good brainstorming groove and listen to your imagination, you'll find yourself with large amounts of ideas.  Some of which are best shared with people – and some of which you might want to use in your business or career, but can't or won't.

So start sharing some of these ideas with others.   Give them a business idea you've had that you won't implement – but they could.  Share your insights with your blog, co-workers, etc.  Start a newsletter to do Idea Tithing.  Make it a weekly or monthly event in your online community.

If you're reasonably in touch with your imagination, you're going to be overloaded with all sorts of great or nearly-great ideas.  Many can benefit others period, and even ones you may want to keep to yourself (such as ideas for your business) may not be ones you can do – so share them with others.

As you do so you'll often find your imagination keeps making new ideas – and you've helped make the world a better place by not keeping everything to yourself.  You'll also find that doing good for others produces many benefits – including improving your own sense of humanity.

Go on – what ideas can you share?

– Steven Savage