News of the Day 10/10/2009

Bloomberg estimates 100,000 Droids sold the first few days. I can't say if that's legit or not, but this IS Bloomberg. A nice initial sell through. So let's see what happens.

Remember the Wal-Mart/Amazon smackdown about some big titles? It appears Wal-Mart jumped the gun on some of the book releases. Accident or another shot across Amazon's bow?

Social Media:
Twitter usage in the Enterprise is up 250%. Not surprising it's up, but that sounds like a big trend.

Adobe lays off 9% of it's workforce. I'm still keeping Adobe on the "don't send a resume list" because I'm really not sure what they're up to.

AOL is also having layoffs.

Video Games:
More detail on the EA Layoffs – 900 people in development, 500 in publishing, 100 in corporate affairs. It's a hefty amount no matter how you slice it.

Speculation on changes in game release strategy – A good read if you work or want to work in the industry. What strategies work for releases in these changing times and in a troubled economy?

– Steven Savage