News of the Day 11/20/2009

Unemployment went up in 29 US States in October – A reminder we've got plenty of problems.

Remember our past link on metro areas and jobs-to-seeker ratio? Here's a breakdown of how it seemed to work.

Geek Law:

Zynga and Facebook face class action suits over ads – I think we need to hear more about this, but it's one to pay attention to as it involved two big social media companies.

Barnes and Noble is out of the Nook already – I expect this story will make the rounds, but it's hard to take much meaning from it. However it may call more attention to the Nook (and if this is strategic under-manufacturing, I'm not sure it's a good call as a sales trick for e-book readers. They're not videogame consoles.)

Social Media:
Animation made collaboratively via Facebook – Presented for curiosity's sake.

Gameloft gives a pass on the Android platform – A very public statement, really. A bit of an Android backlash brewing?

And of course, Chrome? It may be the end of the Hard Drive but some think it's a shot to destroy Windows.

-Steven Savage