News of the Day 11/3/2009

A nice column and conversation on personal branding that should provoke some thoughts.

A great pep talk for Gen Y, especially as it seems people are already writing Gen Y off (seems to be a new trend spurred by the issues Japan faced to me).

Apparently the Treasury invited several econobloggers to a meeting – Looks like it wasn’t so hot, more of a mix of controlling the message than looking for feedback. At least the Treasury is internet-aware, but it seems their plans aren’t very forward-thinking.

America is not the land of opportunity some think it is – A look at the myth, the reality, solutions – and surprises. A few things to think over.

Social Media:
A twitter-only device in the works? Apparently so. However I’m not sure how many people will shell out the cash – and subscription rate – for it. It could work for some, but it seems too limited to me. I’m also 100% not surprised someone tried this, but I think it’s going to burn out to be a curiosity not a phenomena. THe big thing is getting Twitter onto existing multifunction devices. A more scathing opinion is here.


Marvell says their new chip will power up e-book readers and cut costs

Video Games:
Activision’s China plans still complicated by assorted issues. A good read to see just what you, the gaming pro, may face in a global market. I’d also place bets that the US’s declining profile emboldens other countries to be harsher with “exports” like this.

Savvy unusual game company Atlus picks up Japanese Online Game Developer Gonzo Rosso. Atlus has a skill for bringing in unusual games, sleeper hits, and fan favorites – like Demon’s Souls, Disgaea, Shin Megami Tensi, and more. This is another case of a very smart company extending their reach, and I expect to see them happily do more in Western markets as well.

Nintendo taking tips from Amazon on free internet service? Sounds like it, the idea of making the internet service free/rolled into costs for a given product (and limited functions using said internet service). I find it more interesting Nintendo is looking at Amazon for ideas myself . . .

– Steven Savage