Weekly Challenge – Get yourself Reading

I'm always reading books on careers, business, economics.  It's not all of course -  I read about other things after all – but this is a blog on careers.

What I like to do is get into a rhythm of reading – not only cycling through my different interests, but also looking ahead to what books I WANT to read.  I always buy/borrow/check out a few books ahead to make sure I research them, have them, and can get to them any time.

Sometimes that book sitting on the shelf or in your briefcase is a GREAT reminder.

So here's your challenge to start this week.

  • Sit down and figure the next two books you WILL read for your career/business/job.
  • Go and get them, borrow them, or check them out and keep them visible so you're reminded they're there.
  • Start reading and finish them in the next month.

– Steven Savage