News of the Day 12/3/2009

Comcast gets NBC, Tokyopop looks at turning more to the fans, and Apple’s 2010 looks good! Here’s your latest in geeky and fannish career news!

Helpful tips on resume design

Thoughts on just what you want on your business cards.

Regarding the housingmarket, what the US can learn from Canada

A look at the ill-named Cyber Monday and the B.S. surrounding it. Nothing overly surprising.

Anime and Manga:
Tokyopop looking at fan-translation for low-selling series? You’ve probably heard this one going around. Sounds like they’re talking to a few people and see Crunchyroll as a model – plus sounds like they’re looking for more fan integration/connection.  I don’t know if some of their ideas may prove good for fans-going-pro, but at least they’re building some relations.

Yes, Comcast is buying NBC from GE. a roundup of posts on the subject so you can catch up. Remember there’s plenty of legal issues, regulatory hurdles, and more. Career-wise I’m not sure of the impact yet (considering there’s so much to do and deal with, and things that can go wrong). It IS a big deal technically and legally. Remember 27% of Hulu is owned by NBC . . .

Social Media:
Social/Dating site Zook nets $30 in investments. They apparently leverage existing social media. They sound very ambitious – and with $30 million – well, they might be resume-worthy. . .

Company behind on technology and social media? Some good advice on catching up.

Apple Mac sales to grow above the average in 2010? That’s what it sounds like to one researcher.  As a PC-user turned MC-user I can certainly see the appeals to people.

Video Games:
Want to teach about videogames? There may be an opening for you.

These stats on age and videogames is exceptionally informative.  Take a look and think of what it may mean for your gaming career.

More EA news – now they’re into Debit cards that earn points towards sports games. Nice bit of synergy – which also tells me that EA is diversifying and changing rapidly.

Redbox gets closer to distributing games as well. I think with DLC, online, cable, etc. they have a lot of competition, but they’re certainly doing good right now.

QUESTION FOR THE DAY: I expect some competitors will challenge the Comcast/NBC deal. So who do you think will be the first few out of the gate to do so?

– Steven Savage