News of the Day 12/8/2009

About 20 million homeowners are in danger of default due to a mix of other issues and their loans. Not a pretty sight, is it? I'm still going to say buying a house right now is a foolish idea as prices will fall farther – and that will still have some nasty affects. What does this mean for the phenomena of zombie buildings?

Does a slight increase in temporary work herald a recovery? I'm not going to say that myself. This is one POSSIBLE sign.

Funimation signs a deal with Cybergraphix for not-finished series – Cybergraphix is in California, but at least one of the staff members has an anime background. Sounds like an interesting fusion, and Funimation continues to expand their horizons. The property in question, Guardians of Luna, also looks targeted for other properties.

In the department of weird, the Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture story, which is about a boy who can communicate with fungus (I am in NO way making this up) will Become a live action drama. I also am apparently not making this up. I note this because A) the series itself is surprisingly cool, clever, human, and intellignet, and B) There will be a live film about an ag student talking to yeast. I await the impact on the American market (well further, the manga is already over here).

Five publishers form a publishing consortium. And Hearst (the people behind Skiff) are in on it of course. Will their independent project become part of the initiative? Either way it seems magazine companies are facing the hard realities – and new opportunities – of online publishing. I just don't see any good models – yet.

Publishers will want to keep up exploring options since it looks like online ads will sell more ads than newspapers by 2015

The repercussions and reasons of Apple's purchase of music business LaLa. Also note that how much apple paid for LaLa is a matter of debate.

Apple tosses out a company and other apps over gaming ratings

Boxee unveils a new box and is apparently looking for deals. Sadly I fear Boxee may get crushed in all the Everything Wars, they're still working away on delivering their web-TV integration (and taking on Roku).

LADEC report says Redbox will be a diaster for the movie industry – Since the LAEDCis the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp my guess is they're biased against Redbox. Also, water is wet. The fact Redbox can get this type of attention says something is working. One thing I do think the report has spot on is the pressure Redbox brings on other rental fees.

Video Games:
A little look behind the contract issues over video games, SAG, etc. – See a world most people don't really think much of in gaming.

In case you've lived under a rock and cancelled your to-rock internet, Ontario is becoming a game development mecca – And there's some numbers to think over. The government is also investing heavily in image and education on this in an impressive way. This is enough clout that I think other cities, areas, and so forth need to seriously ask aht they can do to encourage game development as a local industry.

The Smithsonian will do a video game exhibit.

What makes social games work? A nice, simple analysis.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: As Canada has had less fallout in the home market than America, what kind of advantage does that give Ontario in attracting and keeping gaming talent? (By the way, check living expenses in Tornoto in specific and Ontario in general for some surprises).