Weekly Challenge – Your REAL business card

So it's your weekly challenge, that chance to get your progeek brain juices flowing.

This week, we're talking business cards.

Imagine you're making a business card – only it's not for your current job or even your ideal career.  It's for you.

If you had that small slip of cardboard, what would you put on it to help communicate who YOU are to people:

  • Would you give yourself a title ("Lady of Fangirls", "Datamage", etc.)
  • Would you put on a website, a Facebook page, what?
  • What would you say about yourself?
  • What design would you use to communicate who you are.
  • Would you have a photo of yourself?  A portrait?  A symbol?

Give yourself ten minutes to think over what kind of business card represents "you."

Now for that matter, why not get one made? It's a fun way to network . . .

– Steven Savage