Frustration Friday – The Secret of Success, Now Yours!

Allow me to express my most heartfelt invitation to those whose lives are not going as planned to try the ultimate cure-all for their problems.  Your life may be depressing, you may not have the job you want, but I have the single, most powerful method in the world to cure your problems.  This solution has worked for untold others throughout the ages and has a long, ancient lineage.

This most powerful technique is called "Getting off of your Butt."

This wondrous spiritual exercise is the cure-all to many ills in life and careers.  It can help you loose weight, find a new job, meet the right person, and live all of your dreams.  Many great leaders, writers, doctors, and more have used the "Getting off of your Butt" method throughout history with stunning success.

And now, I'm here to tell YOU how to use this wonderful cure for your life's troubles:

It takes just a few simple stages:

  1. Realize what you want to do.
  2. Get off your Butt and do it.
  3. Keep doing whatever you have to do until you succeed.

Yes, I know, you say "only three steps?"  Let me assure you that these methods work with stunning efficiency.  I can testify to how they've changed my own life, as can many others who have applied the "Getting off of your Butt" method.  This method, known throughout history, is still just as important today as it was in the past.

Now some people don't believe this powerful method can change their lives.  They point to other methods such as "Visualize it and hope it happens," or "let other people do it", or "I'll get to it tomorrow," or the very popular "Whine and let someone else do it".  These methods are indeed popular, but only because they promise what the "Getting off of your Butt" method delivers – regular results.

The secret of the "Getting off of your Butt" method?  It's a method that actually involves both goals and activity directed at reaching them, the two vital, yet overlooked components to success.  Though it is hard to believe, knowing what you want then getting off of your butt and working to get it, actually can pay off.

So try this method today.  I'm sharing the secret of ages with you right now!

– Steven Savage