News of the Day 1/6/2010 gets money and friends to deliver online content. Is Final Fantasy XIII the last of it's kind? And surprise – more news on tablets! It's time for geek career news!

Advice to make your career a success in 2010 by Andy Robinson. Andy's got some great advice here that I agree with.

Get an idea of what job growth may look like in 2010 with this Interactive chart. Must see!

A look at how Visa makes money – This article is making the rounds of the econoblogs, and let's just say the bloggers aren't being kind. Yves at Naked Capitalism jumps into it. If this story's influence continues it may affect future regulation of the credit card industry.

Games Workshop stock rises – Just a bit of geeky economic news, brought to you by the grace of the Omnissiah.

Hyperlocal companies big acquisition and VC targets? A light article, but some good speculation – that also makes sense. What intrigues me is that if hyperlocal companies can get good investments, could they find it not worth being acquired?

A comparison of the various mobile smart systems. A nice little reference for people that, at least, will make sure you're confused in a more orderly manner.

Publishing: gets investments, deals – They're aiming to be a digital distributor, are focusing on comics, and building social networks around the media. They also have a partnership with Marvel. With a mix of delivery and social network, I see potential in to change the way comics are delivered and read – could this be a solution for indie comic creators as well?

Just how are publishers dealing with Amazon's Kindle? Here's a high-level look. Of course new Fan-To-Pro crush object Harlequin is in there with some noteable strategies, but there's a lot more to pick up. Most strategies seem experimental, so it may be awhile since we can see how valid they are.

Tabletology . . . er Technology:
Microsoft is on the Slate/Tablet bandwagon – Here comes Microsoft into the slate space. Wonder if this is the basis for any of it. A few thoughts on their motivations from ITWorld's Peter Smith.

Speaking of tablets, a look at Apple's tablet leak and their use of controlled leaks.

Also the Apple Tablet apparently doesn't use intel which makes me think the tablet may be more of a giant iPhone.

Best Buy makes its own news/social site – A bit of an image/communication/branding site it seems. I'm more curious as to what this can lead to for the company engaging customers more, since that's an edge they may need in the future. My guess is this is part of a series of moves to deal with a tough economy, changes in technology, and of course a soon-to-be-changing gaming market. I wonder how it looks on a Tablet . . .

Video Games:
Vague statements from SquareEnix that Final Fantasy XIII may be the last of its type. What that means is vague. SquareEnix officials seem to be prone to some interesting statements as of late, such as the death of consoles. Thinking of the future or creating sensation? I'm thinking after FF XIII's insanely long development time the company may be more rethinking methodologies.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: If we have hyperlocal news and business, what about hyperlocal media like publishing, bands, etc. Is that becoming more and more viable as a business model?

-Steven Savage