News of the Day 1/12/2010

Cuts by Warner Interactive?  Problems with the Nexus One?  Wal-Mart trying video distribution?  So much news I can't think of a witty lead in, so its Geek News Time!


Follow trendsin your job search. Good advice.

A look at 16-19 year old unemployment over the years – It's also pretty ugly now (37.1%) and is apparently at some kind of record . . .

Some thoughts on saving news – by having more sponsored events? An unusual idea at least that plays into some of the issue-based and possibly hyperlocal concepts. Not sure I agree, but it's stimulating.

Some thoughts on the e-reader situation that mirrors our own senses here – a lot of odd stuff, potential shakeouts, etc.

Why it's so hard to get foreign books published in the United States – A nice, broad look at an interesting phenomena. With the success of some Japanese properties, this certainly does make one think. A good read if you're in publishing.

Google Office now lets people upload most any doc – Easy storage and access. A simple addition, but this adds a lot more usefulness to the google suite and makes them more competitive. Of course the upcoming Chrome OS probably has something to do with this . . .

Is the Tech spending downturn over? – Not sure myself. However it's been down awhile so I'd expect some increase soon anyway.

Google's Nexus One is having some issues – I get the feel it was a bit rushed.  Still this makes Google look bad.  I don't think it devalues other Android products, but it's not an auspicious launch.

Wal Mart trying to be like Netflix -again?
– Possibly via Vudu. This'd be the 3rd time they've tried something
like this. Of course they are glad to horn in on other markets, but
this one seems a tad crowded. If you work in video and delivery, keep
this in mind just in case.

Video Games:
Big Fish Games partners with PlayFirst in a team-up that seems to leverage both companies' strengths. This also probably helps Big Fish in a tough economy – Big Fish seems to be very open to different partnerships, from PlayFirst to Harlequin, and very savvy. They may be worth a resume . . .

The Most anticipated videogames of 2010 – According to wired. I agree on some of this. A good read to remind you of what's coming up, especially in a weird economy and an erratic industry.

SyFy and Trion's game/show partnership gets funding – It looks like it's still going – a game that will include content from a related show, One Earth. Not much to say except I'm glad the experiment is going.

Cuts to game companies and studios – Studios at Warner Interactive. There's been 11,500 job cuts in gaming since 2008 according to M2 research

An acquistion as well: Chinese game company Shanda acquires Mochi Media.

29 places to find freelance writing jobs – Updated from awhile ago.

Carol Tice spells out what habits freelance writers need. Carol speaks – you listen.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So, will Wal-Mart manage to get into video distribution, or will this be another failed attempt?

-Steven Savage