News of the Day 1/25/2010

While we wait for Apple's announcement about their tablet (Which maybe we can call DukeTablet Forever), let's check the news for fannish and geeky careers:

Thoughts on computing and technology to get your mind going as we await Apple's announcements.

Virtualization is a big career right now

How to get paid what you're worth.

Ticketmaster and Live Nation's merger is cleared legally – I didn't even know – or remember – this was happening. Going to be a powerful company there, entertainment-wise, worth staying aware of. I'm especially pumped on the future of theater livecasts, which seem to be taking off.

Geek Law:
More authors upset with the Google copyright settlement and Ursula LeGuin is rallying them.

James Cameron's Avatar Nears a global record for movie sales. No one shocked as well. Of course as I've noted Cameron is the master of taking things that sound like they'll fail or are overblown and making it work. Personally I'm pumped that Avatar will further open the Geek Gates of culture – and I'm pretty positive on Sam Worthington's career as well.

Radiohead guitarist worries financial issues are trumping creativity in music – He's a few decades too late.


A study finds the Kindle lacking as a newspaper e-reader with some interesting in-depth results. I found it interesting to see the disappointment of older groups that extras (like crosswords) weren't in e-papers. A good reminder of the complexities of media transition.

Something is up at Barnes and Noble – We just don't know what yet.

Social Media:
Time spent on social media increased in 2009 – Not surprising either.

Apple beat December sales expectations. No one surprised. Apple makes good product, has good marketing, a dedicated brand, and can keep us dangling on tablet news. By the way, in case you haven't guessed, if your a progeek Apple pretty much is a company you should keep in your "possible employers" list.

Adobe sells bonds to pay off debt – Related to its acquisition of Omniture. First time they've done this and frankly, I think the tactic is uncommon. I'm still very iffy on how Adobe will fare in the future – I also consider them a "caution" at the very least if you're considering a job there.

Sun's CEO to resign as Oracle takes the reigns.

Video Games:
Amusing thoughts on adaptions of great books into games.

Namco reports its had 23 million downloads from app store – Not surprising considering their large amount of properties and releases.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: So the Apple Announcements. Just tablets – or more?

– Steven Savage