News of the Day 1/28/2010

The Apple Bomb has dropped – but a few people aren't impressed.  Superheroes are going to act heroic again – but how long will it last?  I've got news, you've got questions – it's geek career news time!

101 Ways to find a job – MUST READ for job seekers.

How well are you evaluating progress towards your goals – Another good read from Career Success. Measuring goals is important for success, this should give you some things to think about.


Ben Bernake reappointed as Chief of the Fed – A lot of economists I follow aren't happy with this, but there you go. I'm not sure he has the imagination and fortitude to really deal with the crises, and I'm not sure about his connections.

Marvel to shift comics to a more heroic, swashbuckling feel? Sounds like it – and DC's 'Brightest Day' seems to be the same thing. I'm sure some people will blame Disney, but frankly comics has played out the grim and gritty thing for far, far too long. I also suspect competition from manga has played a part of it. So how long will this shift carry . . .

More sneak peak of the Twilight Manga. I'm no Twilight fan, but I'm curious about the synergy, and I do rather like the art.

Amazon has a pretty good 2009. If I haven't said it before, I consider Amazon a viable employment option for people interested in Geeky jobs.

Borders is eliminating positions. 164 of them. I think with their recent issues, I'd take Borders off an 'ideal company list' until their future is sure.

Social Media:
How Pepsi got Social Media Marketing right – A must read for anyone using social media for marketing – or working in Social Media.

OK, the Apple iPad Announcement is done, so a little back to reality:

The National Science Foundation is researching ways to improve the internet – No, really. In all seriousness if the research yields useful ideas and technologies, it'll be important to technical careers.

Question of the Day: Is the iPad already being regarded too cynically?

-Steven Savage