News of the Day 1/29/2010

Come get a nice meal of news! We've got hot economic statistics, with a yummy obscure dish! Anime studios are serving up next year's menu! Open wide, it's a full course of can't-miss news for progeeks, profans and working otaku!

Thoughts on new career paths and surprises. This article might help give you some ideas and inspiration on figuring your career path.

An in-depth review of what financial reform is needed – And when I say in-depth, I mean it. For those with hardcore economic interests, here's a detailed idea of how to reform the US financial system, with plenty of juicy information to boot.

The GDP is up which is a nice change. However if you're an econogeek, you might want to observe what you can learn from a more obscure statistic, The Chicago Fed National Activity Index which seems to measure the financial health of America a lot better. If this is to be believed, we're in a recession more like the mid-70's that's lasted as long as the recession of the early 80's . . . which sounds about right.

Anime and Manga:
What are major anime studios up to? Sounds like a lot of new stuff, but not necessarily original. What goes on now will quickly affect things in America, and I'm sure Crunchyroll and Funimation have their eyes open.

Disney shuts Mirimax, distributes remaining films

Amazon thinks its quarterly sales may accelerate after the recession ends – Considering their position, the increase in e-readership, and recent performance this seems logical. May be good for the job scene as well if they have to hire to keep up with any expansion.

Book bash in India shows growing book culture and influence – Which makes me wonder two things. One, how much Indian lit may make its way to other countries, and secondly what inroads other publishers could make here with certain products (oh, say, Manga . . . ). I see it going both ways – and frankly if you haven't seen some of the amazing stuff coming out of India, Thailand, and other countries in South Asia, you're missing out.

It's an online world, especially for young readers and publishers need to keep that in mind. Read this to find out how they're doing it – and remember lessons here apply elsewhere.

Apple has a very closed app store and environment, but others are going the opposite route. A showdown between more open and more closed development? Well, we've been having that for years. What's interesting is that it's happening in an age of larger-scale adaption of technology. What's going on here may affect you and your job in the future, or at least the tech you use.

Chrome OS to have touch capability? Would it surprise ANYONE if it was added? Yeah, I thought not.

Find a bug in Chromium, earn money? Apparently. OK you geeks, go for it. Imagine being able to put that on your resume . . . and an interesting bit of public-relations building on Google's part.

How to hate the iPad. Also competitors keep piling on.

Meanwhile, some thoughts on how the iPad will Chagne the App Store, and indeed, Apple. Some good points here that by making this new product, Apple is setting themselves on a path to some changes, like it or not.

And if you're trying to figure out why there's no Flash on Apple mobile devices, a primer on theories why.

NBC wants a slice of the TV superhero money? Sounds like it. Sounds like superheroes are considered legit mainstream media subjects.

Question of the Day: With it's large population and growing technology footprint, what are the markets for "geekonomic products" in India – and coming FROM India?

– Steven Savage