Weekly Challenge: That Book

Your challenge this week involves books.

I'm sure there's many books you wish were written to help you in your career.  So ask yourself if there was one book on one subject, what would it be?

* What would it cover?
* What kind of audience would it be pitched to?
* What extra information would it include – a good bibliography, web links, or something else?
* How up-to-date would it be or have to be?  Yearly, every two years?

Sit down and ask what this special book would be.  Take ten minutes or so.

Your next step:
1) Break the book down into search terms – and go to Amazon.com, google.com, etc. and do an actual search.  See if you can find what you want or find something close.
2) What would you have to do or learn to write this ideal book yourself?  Perhaps that's something you can do in the future . . .

– Steven Savage