Convention Idea: Talking About Tools

The roundup of convention ideas is here.

So, what is it that your profans, progeeks, and protaku actually want to use on their careers?  What books should they read?  What software should they use?  What websites should they use for their job searches.  What are the resources they should use in their careers?

Congrats.  You've just got some panel ideas for your convention – you can have your panelists, experts, and guests discuss what people should be USING in their geeky jobs?

Consider the possible panel topics:

  • What are the best books to read to improve your art?  To learn about game careers?  To keep around for your web design?
  • What are the best websites to search for jobs if you're a programmer?  An actor?  A freelancer?
  • What are free resources for programmers online?  For freelance writers?
  • What are the best online training websites?

If you're going to have "talks on tools" there are also many ways to implement them at your conventions:

  • Have a general sharing roundtable.
  • Have a debate – get people who have strong different opinions and center the panel around their discussion.
  • Have a recognized expert discuss the options.
  • Invite the writers, webmasters, teachers, etc. who created some of the resources in questions.

Next convention, take a look at the events you can do focused on the resources people should use in their geeky careers – or in getting there.  You've got a wealth of ways to inform people.

– Steven Savage