News of the Day 2/24/2010

More financial meltdowns, less adult content on Vudu, and more money for Zillion TV! Change your channel to "Geek Career News" and let's see what's on!

10 ways LinkedIn helps in a job search – Short, sweet, and useful.

Poewar, a writer's resource, has a dynamite job hunting to do list that's good advice for anyone.

Freddie Mac seems to be worried about more home foreclosures – I'm more concerned about commercial real estate, but only in that seems to have a bigger chance to go bad. This is Not Good.

Geek Law:
Yelp is involved in a class action lawsuit over review removal and claims of blackmail pay-to-remove-bad-reviews. This is one I just found out about, so I bring it up due to Yelp's prominence. I'm not sure how legit the claims are. On the heels of discussion of Zynga's past and the ever-increasming prominence of internet reviews and data, this is important to follow as it may set precidents.

ZillionTV gets $10 million investment from Qwest. Good for Zillion, which launches in a few months. Good for Qwest who gets a piece of the action. Possibly good for you if Zillion goes and uses that money to hire people. ZillionTV, for all it's doing, often gets overlooked in the news, which might be an advantage to them as they can come out of no-where into the market.

Wal Mart buys streaming movie startup Vudu, and closes its adult section. Not surprising, but it brings up the question of what else Wal Mart may remove to maintain it's image (as one commentor notes, you can't get pornography, you can get horror films). I'm not sure Wal Mart really knows what its getting into with the streaming movie business and think this isn't the last time we'll see them pulling things out of Vudu.

Video Games:
Bluehole Studios of Korea has created a new gaming company, En Masse Entertainment in Seattle. First – well new company in Seattle, so send resumes. Secondly, they have a good starting staff. A company to watch – even if you don't send a resume.

Take Two opens a Japanese office – Previously they did it via partnerships. Considering some of the great properties they have, this is a good move for them.

Question of the Day: Does Wal-Mart's move to clean up Vudu weaken their hand in getting people interested in the service?

– Steven Savage