Convention Idea: Have Some Fun

The roundup of convention ideas is here.

So I've been talking for quite a lot the last few months on different ways to do career oriented events at conventions.  Let me note that, you can also have fun with this.  In fact, I advise you consider some "career-fun" mix events to stimulate your imagination and avoid the risk of making things overly serious.

So among your career events, why not try a few fun things that, though career-oriented and indeed educational, can add some levity to the event – as well as making people think and giving them a chance to network.

Gameshows are a mainstay of conventions – so why not try some with a career orientation?

  • Do a gameshow quizzing people on their knowledge of game history?
  • Do a gameshow for programmers about obscure and humorous technology.
  • Do a gameshow on failed technoligies (Apple Lisa?  Microsoft Bob?)

Competitions always add a bit of spice to events and can let people use and show off pro skills:

  • Have an art competition (always a classic).
  • Do a competition in Cosplay to use limited materials (also a classic).  See if you can get actual people involved in clothing or fashion as judges.

Why not just have fun with your usual events.

  • As per my previous column, have some of your pro guests discuss their own great failures.
  • Have "stump-the guest" events where aspiring progeeks get to try and stump the more senior progeeks out there.
  • Have a party with some of the pro guests.  Make it a networking event if you want, but be sure it's fun.

Go on and add a bit of fun to the professional proceedings.  I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

– Steven Savages